Secret Faces of Nature

While playing with my images on the computer, I found certain images, when flipped and joined together, created faces where the two images met. These images felt to me as if they were the hidden spirits in nature, that we cannot always see, but we feel them while we are hiking or spending time in nature. It is the life in all things exposing themselves through art.

I hope that you enjoy the discovery of all of the hidden, magical faces that show up in these images.



Pipersatthegates.jpgWatching Through Snow 5x7.jpgKeepers of The Cottonwood.jpgFlora and Fauna EnergiesUnite5x7.jpgCrowned With Leaves.jpgBoulderBranchManager.jpgMountain Pose 5x7.jpgGoingWiththeFlow.5x7.jpgGollum of Roots and Grasses.jpgHolding Space for Trunk and Limb5x7.jpgReturn of The Red Baroness.jpgSpirit in The Sky..jpgWitnessing the Water5x7.jpg