Karen A Dombrowski-Sobel, is a visionary interdisciplinary artist whose work transcends boundaries and awakens the senses. Her art draws inspiration from nature, spirituality, with a touch of surrealism, creating dreamlike compositions that leave a lasting impression.

With an impressive background as a designer for large commercial architectural firms in NYC, Karen made the brave decision to pursue her passion full-time in 1990. She has since been creating captivating pieces of art, ranging from fine art black and white photographs to stunning paintings and crystal healing jewelry.

Karen is not only an artist but is committed to the environment and her love for nature is reflected in her work. Her passion for preserving the environment led her to write the enlightening book, “Trees Speak; Healing Ourselves and Our Planet.” The book is a masterpiece filled with her photographic imagery, designed to inspire awareness of the vital role trees play in healing the planet.

In the summer of 2023 she became a Boulder Pollinator Advocate and has added her love for native plants and pollinators to her artwork to share this important information to the public.

Karen’s unique perspective and creative vision demonstrate her unwavering commitment to her craft and the environment. Her art has been exhibited in galleries in NYC, Carmel, and the Hamptons.

Follow this link to an article / interview about the artist.

The video above was created by Preston Newell for Longmont Public Access Television about the artist and her work.