My deep desire to share my feeling of nature’s sacredness and how ephemeral the land is.  Each tree, plant, and animal has a great impact on making our lives happier, healthier and offer us a brighter future.

Painting and photography are mystical experiences for me that help me to express the hidden magnificence of our lives. My passion is to create fine art that evokes the mystery of nature and brings light into people’s lives.

My environmental / photographic book “Trees Speak, Healing Ourselves and Our Planet” is informative, educational and entertaining and was written to bring awareness to the role trees can play in healing the planet.

A trained architectural designer, my photographic experience started very early in the darkroom. My work has been published and sold through galleries in NY, CA, AZ and CO. Originally from New York, I am now living in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

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The video above was created by Preston Newell for Longmont Public Access Television about the artist and her work.